When most people consider buying auto insurance, one word springs into each conversation with their insurance agent...DISCOUNT! Progressive has invented a device proven to be beneficial in extra savings up to 30% by introducing the Snapshot device. Initially, people are mistaken and believe that Snapshot is actually a trap, allowing Progressive to closely monitor your driving, increase your rate for speeding and are one step closer to Big Brother monitoring your each and every move. This is entirely incorrect! The Snapshot program was produced by Progressive to award safe drivers for their efforts! Yes, the Snapshot device monitors your driving habits, but no harm can come from enrolling in it! If I put a $50 bill in my hand and said, "If you can grab it, its yours!" would you go for it? Of course you would! You would try your best to grab the money because there is a possibility that you might just get to keep $50! This is how you should perceive the Snapshot device. The worst that can happen is that you do not qualify for the discount. Here's how it works:

  1. Ask your Progressive agent to enroll in Snapshot for ALL your vehicles! Regardless of whether or not you think you might qualify, you'd be surprised to find just how safe of a driver you actually are.
  2. Progressive will mail you a Snapshot device designed specifically for your vehicle(s).
  3. In 7-10 days, when you receive your device(s), install them in your vehicle according to the instructions in the box. This is the easiest part! It literally takes 2 seconds to locate the adapter (usually under your steering column) and "snap" your Snapshot in place.
  4. Resume driving as normal. During your evaluation period, you can check your progression online towards your Snapshot discount. Your device will report back to Progressive when you hard brake (slow down at a rate of 7mph), time of day you drive, miles a day you travel.
  5. After 31 days, you will receive your initial Snapshot Discount rate! Discounts range from 0-30%. Once your auto insurance policy renews, your finalized Snapshot discount rate will be applied to your policy for AS LONG AS YOU'RE INSURED WITH PROGRESSIVE!
  6. Return your device to progressive at the 6 month mark. Heres the ONLY part than can cost you! If you do not return the device, you will be charged for it. I don't know why anyone would keep it, considering that it stops working, and postage is paid for by Progressive.

So there it is, the simplest way to earn a discount through Progressive. Progressive has finally found a way to reward a driver for taking the initiative to treat the roads with respect! If you'd like more information, visit the link below and watch Flo explain just how simple Snapshot really is! http://bit.ly/Iej2a9 Or call us today for your Progressive needs! (956) 618-3535! South Texas Insurance Services...We work hard to earn your trust!

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