The global security environment has changed over the last decade. Many organizations are now faced with managing a variety of complex security threats. These are often tied to economically motivated criminal activities ranging from extortion and kidnapping to organized crime. 

Employers have always had a legal duty to exercise reasonable care and provide a safe workplace. However, corporations are now expected to prepare for foreseeable security related risks both at home and abroad. 

We’ve tailored coverage, developed through conversations with security directors and risk managers, to provide solutions that protect against industry specific threats: 

Designed for businesses whose employees travel nationally and internationally and for businesses with offices overseas.

Personal Special Protection Solution
Designed for high net worth individuals and high risk families who travel nationally and internationally.

Academic Special Protection Solution
Designed for public and private K-12 schools, universities, colleges and academic institutions, including those with daycare facilities. Unique in the marketplace, Hiscox covers study abroad programs and on campus violence.

Hospital Special Protection Solution
Designed for healthcare facilities. Hiscox coverage includes child abductions by a non-custodial parent.

Houses of Worship Special Protection Solution
Designed for religious facilities. Hiscox coverage includes threats, disappearances, travel evacuations and assaults. 

What we cover

Expenses incurred in responding to:

  • Threats to kill or injure
  • Threats of violence against personnel or property
  • Threats to reveal confidential or proprietary information
  • Extortions
  • Hijacks
  • Hostage situations
  • Detentions
  • Kidnaps for ransom
  • Express kidnaps
  • Travel evacuations
  • Disappearances
  • Child abductions
  • Individuals or organizations declared persona non grata

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