Home insurance costs have risen in Texas for 2012 due to last years impact on insurance companies when claims arose from wildfires that devastated lives across the state.  Now more than ever it is important to take action to insure your home at the lowest cost without compromising coverage.

Since insurance companies understand that these increases could jeopardize their renewals, you must thoroughly review your home insurance quotes and renewals for changes in your overall coverage (ex. removal of replacement cost, personal property coverage changes, etc.) in order to beat a competitors annual premium.  Next time you shop for a competitive homeowners insurance policy, try supplying your agent with these 3 things in order to increase your chance of receiving discounts for big savings:

  1. Home Security System Certificates
    If you’re currently protecting your home with an alarm system, providing your agent with proof of an active alarm will save you on your overall home insurance premium!  This is also something to consider when you’ve purchased a fire alarm that alerts the fire station in the event of a home fire.  Some companies will even honor an alarm system certificate that is proven to be active prior to renewal by providing a refund for the duration that your alarm was active during the policy period.
  2. Personal Automobile Information
    Most insurance companies will offer a 10% discount for carrying both your personal auto insurance and your home insurance within the same company.  This is commonly referred to as a “companion policy discount”.  Hochheim Prairie Insurance provides a 10% discount on your home as well as your personal auto policy, which equates to a significant amount of savings across both your policies.  Bring your Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs), drivers license numbers, date of births, and even your current policy’s declarations page in order to compare the overall savings to your current rates.
  3. Claim Information
    If you have not ever submitted a claim under your current policy, it is important to provide your insurance agent with this information, as new customers are often given significant discounts referred to as “claim-free discounts”.  This can be anywhere from 5%-15% in savings towards your annual premium.  Most agencies can produce this information by searching a database for any claim activity for your current address and previous addresses, but to minimize the time it would take to produce these, you can always request “loss runs” from your current insurance provider to present to your agent in order to qualify for claims-free or more accurately represent your claims history to your agent.

Under normal circumstances, you are notified of your policy renewal within 45 days of your current policy’s expiration date.  Be sure to contact South Texas Insurance Services before your renewal date and provide the aforementioned materials in order to potentially receive huge savings on your home insurance policy!  Let South Texas Insurance Services find your next home insurance policy, and we’ll place you in a suitable market that is affordable WITHOUT compromising your coverage limits!

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